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Objectives :

The objective of this site is to regroup all proven or possible variations of the very old name NITHART  - NITHARD - NEITHART - NEIDHART - NITART etc.... in view of finding possible links .

This requires a lot of work and the cooperation of all who may be or feel concerned , one way or another.

As in business, only Team work ( and patience!)can lead to success...


All of you who bear a name listed in page "spelling variations" or close to one of them, or who had a relative/ancestor with that name or..simply know a person with such a name


Roger NEIDHART is an engineer, working in Zurich. Roger has made (and continues) in depth investigations in the German language in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. He is the author of the name inventory  from years 400 to 1400 in this site, which represents only a small part of his work . His roots are very ancient.

Philippe NITHART, retired  manager from a US Multinational company, devotes most of his time to family research. His roots are in Alsace (France) in the village of Eschentzwiller where ancescors are traced back to the 13th century.

It is possible that, Roger and Philippe, somewhere, are both far remote cousins....

The results of his researches are published  under  http://www.nithart.com

Because he has more time available than Roger, Philippe coordinates the updating of this site.


* If your language is German or English  and are chiefly concerned by  these researches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland or related countries :

Mail address:  Roger NEIDHART - Dürstelenstr, 39  CH-8335  HITTNAU  

* If your language is French or English and are chiefly concerned by  these researches in France or other countries, except those above:

Mail address: Philippe NITHART - 17, route du village  F-06400  CANNES

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