Carl Vollrath Neidhart

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Carl Vollrath Neidhart - Ortspfarrer (Pastor, Minister of a parish) zu Adelmannsfelden, 1750 - 1817.


Carl Vollrath Neidhart was also a specialist on fruit trees. This explains the nickname  of Obstpfarrer which he was given to him.




Above pictures were taken at the Adelmannsfelden cimetary and show the grave of Jakob Nicolaus Neidhart, father of Carl Vollrath. He was also a  pastor in Adelmannsfelden..

Pictures 1,2,6 and 7 were unfortunately shot on a very suny day in oct 2004. Other pictures  (3,4,5) were taken

 on a more appropriate day by Walter Schiele, Nelkenweg 8, D-73486 Adelmannsfelden

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