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The Benedictine Abbey of Corvey was founded around year 820 by Louis the Pious and St Adalhard, Abbot of the older Corbie located in France. Corvey is located in Westphalia, in the Diocese of Paderborn. This Abbey and its school became rapidly famous. Its abbots ranked as princes of the empire.The library was important and known for the preservation of the first five books of the "annals" of Tacitus. Lots of missionaries from Corvey, including St Ansgar, know as the apostole of Scandinavia, participated in the evangelisation of northern Europe. Anschaire, a Corbie monk, born in Fouilloy (France), who had been sent to the abbey of Corvey, was evangelist of Sweeden and Denmark. He died in in 825 as Archibishop of Bremen and Hambourg.The school of Corvey declined after the 15th century.

In 1803, the abbey was secularized and given to the Orange-Nassau family. See also page on St Nithard.

The following three pages are extracted from the book "Der Liber Vitae der Arbei Corvey" (Societas et fraternitas) dated 1158. The entries shown below show three Nithard mention, including one as Abbot.



Line 2: Heinricus Abbas Nithard Abb. (Abbot)


Right, lines 3/4: Nithardus (during the time of Abbot  Adalgarius/Adalgarivs, 856 - 877)


Left, first paragraph, 4th line in black: Adalhard (890 - 900) - Left, second paragraph lines 6/7: Nithardus (during the time of Abbot Bovo II, 900 - 916)


These two pages extracted from the book "Der Liber Vitae der Arbei Corvey" are shown for their nice illustration

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