Francis Neydhart

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FRANCIS NEYDHART   1860 - c.1948
 Austrian School
 "Fleur de Lotus" Tokyo
 Oil on panel, signed and inscribed Tokyo; signed and titled on a
 label attached to the reverse.  53.5 x 65 cms  2i x 25½ ins
 Exhibited: St. Petersburg, 1901, no 33

A painter and illustrator,  Neydhart was born on May 4, 1860 in Vienna, Austria. By the time he was twenty-five, he was well known for his market scenes. Having established himself as a genre painter, he journeyed to Japan in the late 1880s, where he remained for two to three years.

Among the places he visited were Nikko and Tokyo. Neydhart was fascinated by traditional Japanese clothing, architecture, gardens, and customs, and rendered the scenes he encountered with clear, bright colors and careful attention to detail. He was particularly intrigued with Japanese religious life, as he made several paintings of priests and monks, temples and shrines. He also visited and recorded various scenes in China, Australia, and possibly Indonesia.

 After completing his journey, Neydhart  returned to Europe. His pictures of Japan, China, and Australia were featured in an exhibition at the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna in 1892. Exquisite and precious were words used by the Viennese to describe Francis Neydhart’s paintings.

 He received several awards for his artistic accomplishments, including a medal from the Exposition du Travail in 1898, and the first place prize from the Academie Literature Artistique of Paris and Provence in 1901.

 Neydhart lived in Paris for some years, where he worked as an illustrator and continued to paint subjects inspired by his travels through the East.

 Neydhart immigrated to the United States sometime after 1906. It is believed he died in New York City in 1948.


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