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Nithard originated from Corbie in Saxony (now CORBIE - F-80800, in Picardy, near Amiens). Also known as Nithard von Corbie. He was probably born around year 800. As a benedictine monk at Corbie, he became a companion of Anskar (in French: St Anschaire or Oscar), known as the apostole of the north and followed him.  Around 831, Anskar consecrated his nephew Gautbert*  to whom he gave the name of Simon the apostole as Bishop of Sweden and sent him there to continue  preaching among the pagans of Scandinavia.  Gautbert was accompanied by Nithard and Frimbert**, a priest apparently brother of Nithard. After a number of years of conversions, some swedish people in their hatred of the Christians attacked in Bircka, an ancient town located between Upsal and Stockholm,  the house where Gautber was staying with his group, in view of destroying it. During this action, they killed Nithard by sword strokes, and made him a true martyr. This happened in 845. Some sources indicate 840.

As Anskar, he was declared as a Saint. His festday is February 3.  The following are commonly regrouped on Feb 3:  St Anschaire - St Blaise de Sébaste - St Nithard - St Olivier - Ste Ignace.

* also spelled Gautberti, Gautber, Gauzbert, Gosbert, Goibrecht, Gauthert. It seems that he was also a nephew of Bishop Ebo from Reims.

** Maybe it is the same Frimbert who later became Bishop of Scottland....

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Document in Latin - Representation of St Nithard

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Above 4 pictures were taken at the Moorbad-Neidharting near Linz, in the St Neydhart Chapel located in the Paracelsus Haus.

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The Abbey of Corbie was a powerful Benedictin center founded in 657 by queen Bathilde and her son Clotaire III. They invited monks from Luxeuil to reside there. Adalhard cousin of Charlemagne, when he became Abbot, founded the Abbey of Corvey in Höxter territory (Westphalia) in 822. Anschaire, a monk at Corbie, whose father was a man of some standing at Charlemagne's court, born in 801 in Fouilloy near Corbie, is sent from Corbie to the abbey of Corvey where he became the Abbot. From there, after being the evangelist of Denmark and Sweden, he was appointed Archibishop of Bremen, Hamburg and Scandinavia in 851. Died on Feb3, 865 in Bremen and was burried in church St Peter.He is also named Apostle of the North. His  Memorial day is Feb 3, the same  as St Nithard.

The monks of Corbie plaid a prominent role during the Carolingian period.. More than 200 parishes were under the jurisdiction of the abbey at that time The cultural center and work of the copists was renown all over Europe until the end of the 11th. century.


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