ABBEY OF TEPLA (Tschechische Republik)

(With Neidhard name bearer)

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Located in Bohemia, near Marianské-Lazné, also known as Marienbad, not far from Bavaria, the Tepla monastery was founded in 1193 by Hroznata. The papal Bull of Gregorius X, dated 1273, confirms Hroznata as the founder. The monastery, very flourishing at the begining, had ups and downs through history, until it was abolished by the totalitarian government in 1950. Tepla was owned by the the Premonstratensians who, in 1989, reintroduced monostic life. Original documents dating back to at least the 12th century can be found in the library containing near 100.000 books. Among the original documents are le list of the Abbots and the founding act of the monastery.

Gregor Neidhart was Abbot from 1682 until 1688.


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